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Trang chủENGLISH ++Pay close attention to what you bring when backpacking to guarantee safety.

Pay close attention to what you bring when backpacking to guarantee safety.

The ropes, the sleeping bags, the flashlights—all the indispensable tools that you need for your backpacking So when you go backpacking, take note of what you need to take with you to make sure you’re safe and don’t get into unnecessary trouble. Let’s follow the following article for more useful information!

Prepare all kinds of personal documents.

What do you need to take with you when you’re on a ride? First of all, we should prepare all kinds of identity papers. There are many people who have subjectively argued that travelling by means of aeroplanes and trains is not necessary, so you do not need to bring your identity papers. But this is a completely wrong thing because you don’t want to have any uncertainties or risks on the road. Don’t forget to bring your identity card with you.

Accordingly, the types of identity documents will include an ID or citizenship card, a driver’s licence, a passport, an ATM card, etc. Besides, you should also prepare some cash in case you need to use it. If you’re travelling in remote areas where there’s no ATM, you’ll need some cash to use.

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Clothes and shoes go backpacking.

Clothing and shoes for backpacking are two things you should pay attention to. Unlike trips or picnics, you should choose lightweight clothes that still protect your body in the best way. You should limit bringing too many items because too many clothes will take up a lot of space. You can refer to some of the following items to bring when backpacking:

● Long pants: In addition to regular use on the road, you also need to add 1–2 long pants to avoid getting dirty or wet. Choose pants that are made of soft fabric to make you feel more comfortable wearing them.

● Outdoor jacket: When you go on the road, you should wear a wind jacket because, in addition to the windproof effect, it is also waterproof. To prevent the air from entering your clothes. If possible, you should wear ultra-light shirts because they keep you warm and make your luggage smaller.

● Shoes: You should prepare a pair of shoes that can hold well and not slip. Besides, you can also bring a pair of rain shoes to use when needed.

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Personal toiletries for backpacking

When going backpacking, what should you bring? Certainly, you can’t lack personal toiletries. Prepare all your supplies, like cream, toothbrush, towel, sunscreen, etc. Besides, you should also use dry hand wash water to ensure cleanliness, which can be used whenever you need it.

Prepare medicine and medical bags.

When going backpacking, what should you bring? Certainly, there’s no shortage of preparation from medicine and medical bags. These will be accessories when you need them, every time you get ready to go backpacking. This is a very important item, but many people have a subjective mentality and do not bring it with them. No one will say anything in advance about the journey. We won’t be able to avoid cases like falling, scratching, or losing blood… That’s why you should proactively equip yourself with basic first aid skills and bring with you the necessary medical equipment!

Through the sharing of the article above, you’ve also got a clear idea of what to take with you. Certainly, these are all tools and important items that can’t be missed when you’re on a slide. I wish you a happy and peaceful journey.


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