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Celebrating Tet in Vietnam and interesting things not to be missed

Celebrating Tet in Vietnam is a long-standing custom among Easterners. Every year, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, people are busy shopping to welcome the new year. In the following article, let’s learn some interesting things about this traditional New Year.

The name is Tet Nguyen Dan.

Tet Nguyen Dan, also known by other names such as Lunar New Year or Traditional Tet, is the most important holiday of the year for Vietnamese people. According to ethnographic researchers, the word “tet” comes from the Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation “tiet.” It means burning bamboo or direct burning, and by extension, it can also be understood as a time period of the year.

The word “Nguyen” means the beginning, and “Dan” means early morning. Tet Nguyen Dan is understood as the first day or first morning of a new year. In addition, the word “Nguyen” is also interpreted by many people as fullness and completeness. Also, the name Lunar New Year also symbolises the Vietnamese people’s desire to always have a full and prosperous life.

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Celebrate Tet in Vietnam and collect lucky money.

“Li xi” at the beginning of the year is a beauty in the culture of the Orients, with the meaning of bringing good luck in the new year. This custom has quite a variety of origins, and in Vietnam, it adds to the beauty of the Vietnamese New Year. Particularly for young children, they are not only eagerly waiting for New Year’s Day because the start of the new year is lucky, but also happy to have grandparents, parents Li Xi, at the beginning of the year.

According to the story that is passed down orally about lucky money, there is a monster that often appears on New Year’s Eve to pat the heads of sleeping children and make them have high fevers or become silly. Therefore, families with young children will have to stay up all night to prevent monsters from harming their children. And many people believe that red envelopes will bring luck and help monsters stay away from children.

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Celebrating Tet in Vietnam and the custom of wrapping banh chung on Tet

The custom of wrapping banh chung on Tet has been a traditional cultural feature of Vietnamese people from ancient times to the present. Every spring festival, families and their children order banh chung to celebrate Tet and post it on the ancestral altar. It can be said that this is an indispensable custom when celebrating the Lunar New Year among the Vietnamese people.

According to the legend of “Banh Chung, Banh Giay”, in the 6th Hung King’s reign, on the occasion of the death anniversary of his ancestors, the king gathered the Lang mandarins to come and command that any Lang mandarin would offer a reasonable gift to his ancestors. He will be given the throne. The 18th son, named Lang Lieu, although the poorest of the Lang mandarins, had a gentle personality and a filial lifestyle towards his parents.

He could not find rare products to offer to his father, so he used everyday agricultural products, including sticky rice, beans, dong leaves, and large meat, to make two types of banh day and avoid steaming to symbolise heaven. Make an offering to the king. These two types of cakes were successfully obtained by King Hung, and he passed the throne to Lang Lieu. Since then, Banh Chung and Banh Giay have become indispensable offerings in Vietnamese ancestor worship rituals.


Depending on the region, there are differences in Tet customs, but they all leave a mark on the uniqueness of Vietnamese national identity. Perhaps when readers read this article, they will see that the Lunar New Year is beautiful and meaningful. Hopefully, this sharing will help foreign friends understand the interesting things to do to celebrate Tet in Vietnam.


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