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Banh cuon: a simple dish imbued with love for the countryside

Banh cuon (steamed rolled rice pancake) with its rich, delicious flavor of onions, meat,… creates a great attraction for everyone. This is still a dish that evokes great nostalgia for food lovers. To learn more about this type of cake, let’s follow this article.

Where does Banh Cuon come from?

Banh cuon first appeared in China, then was introduced to many different countries. Including Vietnam. This type of cake has spread more widely since the reign of the 18th Hung King, when King Hung’s son An Quoc began farming. During this period, people began to know how to clear wasteland and do research on cakes. From then on, Banh Cuon also began to be known.

After appearing, this cake began to spread to all regions of the country. To this day, this dish is still the priority choice of foreign tourists when coming to experience it. How is Banh Cuon different from other cakes?

The main ingredient in making banh cuon is rice. This is an extremely easy-to-find ingredient. The rice used to make cakes must be old rice, then mixed with water and put into a fine grinder.

This cake is not complicated to make, as it is mainly steamed on a thin cloth. The ingredients inside can be added as desired. Such as shrimp, wood ear mushrooms, mushrooms, lean meat, eggs, etc. According to each person’s taste, choose the filling that is easiest to eat.

To make it more delicious, you should sprinkle some onions and add some lemon, garlic, and chili dipping sauce. Just eating a piece of cake will make you praise its deliciousness.

Some regions are famous for making banh cuon specialties.

Rice paper today appears in many regions. However, each region has different characteristics and flavors. Specifically:

  • Cao Bang Banh Cuon: Famous for its flexible, delicious taste, it is very attractive to eat.
  • Lang Son Banh Cuon has a fatty egg filling, bone broth, and is rich in taste.
  • Ha Giang rice rolls: make broth for 3–4 hours. The type of rice chosen to make the cake is the tastiest and most flexible.
  • Hanoi Banh Cuon: Thinly coated and dipped in Thanh Tri’s famous fish sauce. The outer crust of the cake is very thin and chewy.

Thus, each region has its own style of banh cuon, creating distinct characteristics. If you have the opportunity, please stop by to enjoy this famous cake.


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